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Maybe you are stuck in your 9-5 job and wish you already had the skills to leave it all behind. Go to someplace tropical and work from a beach cafe or whatever Digital Nomad dream you’ve dreamt up. You have been trying to learn the skills needed to make that dream a reality but your 40-60 hour a week job leaves you tired at the end of the day with no energy to make any progress on that online course you started 2 months ago. You could go to some place cheap and learn it there in the bliss of that paradise but sadly you don’t have enough money saved up yet. Also how long will it take to find work online that can sustain you? May I suggest an alternative strategy you probably haven’t even considered? Working for accommodation.


Working for accomodation (and food) can be a great way of saving money while travelling. Since the work is generally very lax and the hours are also relatively short you can spend more time refining your skills / building up your online business or just relaxing on the beach and exploring your new surroundings. You may even find work that helps you practice your trade like I did when I found a work for accommodation setup making a website for Honey Badger Huts on the incredible island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Whatever you are trying to learn to become a digital nomad you can most likely find some sort of work for accommodation setup that allows you to practice your trade and maybe even expand your portfolio.


You can find work for accommodation all over the world by visiting This website has a plethora of great work for accommodation opportunities available. You can view all the host’s profiles for free but to contact them you will need to set up an account which costs $32/year. If you are already travelling you can ask around at Hostels, Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Agencies ect. To find all sorts of work such as Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Development, SEO, Video Editing or even working some reception shifts. Don’t be disappointed if you can only find reception work. Reception shifts can be a great opportunity to learn skills while earning your keep. Most of the work day is spend in front of a computer waiting for people to come to be checked in. You could spend that time working your way through that online course you’ve been putting off. Only being interrupted every now and again by the occasional guest checkin.


Also if you are new to world travel being at a hostel with volunteers working there can be a great way to get advice about long term travel. Most of the people I’ve met working for accommodation had been travelling for half a year to a full year or longer. These fellow volunteers taught me a lot of valuable lessons about travelling. Most of them also knew about other volunteering opportunities elsewhere.


If you are looking to get going right away as a digital nomad but can’t find the time right now to learn new skills or don’t think you have enough money for a full relocation while you learn. I would strongly suggest looking into work for accommodation opportunities. Get creative, get out there and good Luck!

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